The benefits of choosing a hospital bed from Vogue Beds

For hospital beds, we’re biased but there’s nobody better than Vogue Beds! Our Health Care Collection is solely aimed and designed at aiding patient recovery during their stay in hospital.

Hospital beds have long been associated with discomfort and a disrupted night’s sleep. We aim to change that at Vogue Beds.

In our latest blog, we aim to show why we’re the only choice you should consider for when it comes to hospital and healthcare contract beds!

Premium Comfort, Expert Design

For many, it’s a struggle to get to sleep in the first place in a hospital environment. Our Medi and Active mattresses are designed for premium comfort – by using Blu Cool memory foam, we can guarantee the ultimate in support and pressure relief.

As your patients may be bedbound for a considerable amount of time, this use of memory foam as well as Climate Cool fabric can provide expert care and comfort for your patients.

All of our mattresses are fully adjustable for a patient’s comfort and any additional needs.

A Vast Array of Bed and Mattress Sizes

Our Health Care Collection boasts a huge range of sizes for your choice of hospital bed. Starting at Small Single (2’6) right through to Super King (6’0), we will always have the size you need.

Our contract hospital beds also are available in Linked Sets (180 x 190cm or 180 x 198 cm) so you can be sure that Vogue Beds can accommodate your requirements.

Experience, Experience, Experience

Yes we realize we’ve the word experience appears three times in our sub-heading, but with over 30 years of it, we think three times isn’t enough!

We are members of the National Bed Federation so above all else, we can guarantee that a contract bed from Vogue Beds has been through the most vigorous of testing and meets the highest standards for your hospital and patients.

For individual cases, we can also customize your mattress of choice ensuring your sleep will be tailor-made to you!

For more on our contract hospital beds visit our Health Care collection here or call us on 01455 841 257

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