Medi Performance Mattress

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Medi Performance

  • Blu Cool Memory Foam / Castellated Multi-zone unit / BugGuard® / Climate cool Fabric
  • Blu Cool memory foam layer
  • Castellated Multi-zone unit allows warmer air to be replaced with cooler refreshing air with naturally sleeping movement
  • Blu Cool memory foam for pressure relief
  • Medium to firm comfort support
  • BugGuard® technology to stop and neutralise any dust mites or insects.
  • Climate cool Fabric which helps reduce humidity during sleep
  • No-Turn mattress


The NEW Medi Therapy mattresses designed and made for everyone who requires a therapeutic and re-energising sleep and rest. Built from the bottom with a Castellated multi-zone unit which offers the main support and pressure relief for the user while encouraging natural airflow throughout the mattress, allowing a better and more refreshing sleep. The Blu Cool comfort layer adds more support to the user. This next generation memory foam offers more support and pressure relief properties without adding any heat associated with traditional memory foam, keeping the mattress cool.

Mattress Depth: 27cm
Spring System: Pocket Spring System / Multi-zone foam unit
Mattress Features:  Blu Cool Memory Foam / Luxurious Climate cool Fabric® / BugGuard®


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