Premium Hotel Contract Beds – A Comfy Guest is a Returning Guest

What do your guests look for in their visit to your fine establishment? An enjoyable resting environment. It is vital to ensure your guests have a great night’s sleep and here at Vogue Beds we have almost 3 decades of experience in sourcing and selling the highest quality beds for all. Our range of hotel beds are available to best suit your style and comfortability specifications providing an overall pleasant stay for all visitors.

We have a complete range of diverse bed frames and mattresses that are made of the highest sourced materials and so Vogue Beds are proud to say that we are long standing members of the BCFA, the NBF and The Sleep Council. Offering a range of beds that not only complete your hotel’s stylistic endeavours but also ensure a healthy and pleasant night’s sleep for all your guests.

Our premium hotel collection consists of endless possibilities with cost conscious prices. The Luxury 2000 Pocket Contract offers a range of sizes with Luxurious 100% Egyptian Cotton Fabric wrapping 2000 heat treated pocket springs snuggly the ingredient needed is a Bug Guard, which again is included. In addition to this you are also able to choose the specific fabric and we offer an extensive range to align best with the theme and aesthetic of your hospitality business. Vogue Beds understand that your guests will require an array of different sleeping needs and thus your beds must range in feel. Within this range we offer an additional choice for memory foam toppers. A comfy guest is a returning guest.

We also offer a lower price Hotel Contract and Mattress range that withstand the requirement needs for a successful hotel stay with cost effective purchasing for your company. With Quality Cotton damask fabric that scopes across a family of 1000 heated pocket springs this range ensures a high quality sleep for visitors. Vogue Beds offers a broader range of sizes to best suit your venue size. Whether you are designing rooms to host 5 member families or for single sleepers, our sizes are broad enough to cover any quantity of guests. Our small single maximises space within a room giving you flexibility to include other specifications your hotel might. This flexibility will ensure the success of any hotel.

Times are Changing for Contract Beds

Vogue Beds also understand that the times are moving fast and with the turn over in modern style ever growing and changing we also offer an assortment of boutique style contract beds. These are broad in style in terms of vibrant colours and unique builds from Ottoman to sheek lime green drawer base. Claret Plush Velour, Marine Plush Velour, Pebble Velour. The lot. A complete rainbow of colours to give your interiors the splash of vibrance they need.

So be sure to check our full range of Hotel contract beds and mattresses at Our Luxury Hotel Collections Page Give your guests the comfort and relaxation they need, with the help of Vogue Beds.

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