Contract Beds for the Health Care Sector

With the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak there is more need than every for healthcare institutions to review their medicals beds and mattress inventory. It may be that you have a need for more adjustable beds or adjustable mattresses, you may need more stock or generally want to improve the experience of the people that you look after.

Vogue Contract Beds – Beds for Nursing and Residential Care

Vogue Beds have been manufacturing contract beds for the health and care sectors since 1990 and recently celebrated 30 years of contract bed manufacture and distribution. As members of the NBF (National Bed Federation) we live by our values of building long and lasting relationships with out clients and being there for them when they need us. As one of the new suppliers to manufacture their own contract mattresses in house we are able to design at your need, made to measure beds to suit the specific needs of the the people that you care for.

Health Care Beds Collection

We recently launched a new Ecommerce website to give users the options to purchase health care beds online and secure managed delivery to a property of their choosing.

Our Health Care collection is a collection of contract beds aimed at the healthcare industry and individuals recovering or suffering with illness

Our Medi and Active mattresses are perfect for preventing bed sores and aiding with recovery from illness. All mattresses come with adjustable bed options to help with your comfort and personal needs.

The Active Therapy Health Care Mattress and Bed

A specialist mattress designed for the prevention of bed sores, the advanced Castellated Multi Zone Foam Unit with Comfort zones and air channels creates a constant air flow, aiding a comfortable sleep. The Active Therapy comes standard with Gravity Gel and the adjustable mattress option is available.

Medi Therapy Health Care Mattress and Bed

The NEW Medi Therapy mattresses designed and made for everyone who requires a therapeutic and re-energising sleep and rest. Built from the bottom with a Castellated multi-zone unit which offers the main support and pressure relief for the user while encouraging natural airflow throughout the mattress, allowing a better and more refreshing sleep. The Medi therapy range also features a 1000 pocket for more fine tune adjustments, with the additional comfort layer adds more customise features to the user, each option has its advantages, Blu Cool the next generation memory foam offers support and pressure relief properties without adding any heat associated with traditional memory foam, keeping the mattress cool.

Adjustable Beds – What is an Adjustable Bed?

An Adjustable Bed is which can be manoeuvred and profiled in to many different positions. Commonly with an adjustable bed you are able to incline the upper body and raise the lower body of the bed independently to each other to allow you to change how to want to position yourself in the bed and depending on what you are needing to do at that time. Whilst an adjustable bed or adjustable mattress is sometimes purchased as a lifestyle choice they come with many benefits for people who may be suffering with illness and need to spend more time in bed than usual and therefore need more positional options to allow change when not sleeping perhaps you are eating, reading or interacting with others.

Originally adjustable beds were used in hospitals but in recent years they have become very popular purchases for residential homes and other such care home environments. Adjustable contract beds can really help with comfort for those recovering from injury or surgery and have many benefits with helping improve circulation and the right adjustable mattress can also help prevent bed sores and other such ailments that may come from spending an extended amount of time in a standard bed.

Vogue’s Adjustable Contract Beds and Mattresses

Our specialist Adjustable bed collection has enough variety to help you find the right beds for your institution, nursing home or hospital and our range can be tweaked for individual needs so please just contact our friendly and experienced team if you require any further information. Below is a featured adjustable bed from our contract beds collections but you can see our entire range here

Adjustable Helix Pocket Contract

The Adjustable Helix Contract is available from just £290 and comes in 8 different sizes. It is available to purchase on our website and we can offer free delivery to most areas of the UK., Our delivery guide can be seen here.

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