Helix Pocket Essential Mattress

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The Helix spring system is unique to Vogue. The intelligent pocket springs ensure both sleepers on the mattress are level, supported and not rolling into each other. This one intelligent pocket spring affectively does the job of three springs. As a result of its design you don’t need a micro spring layer. This means mattresses with Helix springs are quicker to build, and better for the environment. The soft white fibre hypoallergenic mattress fillings offer excellent comfort with the support of the Helix spring system. The mattress is covered with a climate cool fabric helping to regulate body temperature whilst you sleep.

This is great mattress for rental accommodation, spare rooms, Air B&B rentals, holiday homes.

•Medium Comfort Support
•Luxurious Soft Knit Climate Cool fabric
•Micro Quilted
•Stitched Borders
•No-Turn mattress

Mattress Depth: 27cm
Spring System: Helix Pocket

Mattress Features:  Soft Knit Climate Cool fabric-Bug Guard – Flag stitched handles


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