The Bespoke Natural Pocket Collection represents our finest range of premium mattresses. All are handmade and feature a unique configuration of pocket spring layers with Active Support Technology® to meet individual needs perfectly.

Active Support Technology® cleverly combines a varying number of springs layers made from a range of different gauges of steel, this allows us to fine tune the feel of every mattress individually.
This innovative mattress technology also enables the inner springs to interact and respond instantly to body movement during sleep, supporting the whole body and allowing muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position.

The Natural Pocket Collection, incorporates individual pocket springs with Active Support Technology® in the mattresses, each mattress is meticulously made with a lavish layer of pure white cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, mohair and Horse hair. These superior fillings provide maximum comfort for an amazing night’s sleep. The whole bed is upholstered in the highest quality 100% viscose fabric as to maximize the feel of these natural fillings.

Headboard not included

 As is legally required in today’s contract market all of our products are manufactured to BS7177 ignition source 5 as a minimum standard.