We offer 2 types of bases and 14 types of headboards available in a total of 27 fabrics; 3 Damask: Grey,  Chocolate Ash, Oatmeal Brown; 5 Chenille fabrics: Dark Brown, Steel, Black , Stone, Silver; 2 Velvet: Crushed Ice and Champagne; 4 NEW Faux Leather: Carbon, Mocha, Mulberry & Noir; 6 NEW Linen: Duck Egg, Lime, Navy, Sand, Slate & Truffle; 3 Wool fabrics: Granite, Chrome and Charcoal; 4 Plush Velour: Claret, Metal, Marine and Pebble. 


Classic Base is available in 2 depths, This classic base is standard on all Repose and Vogue Bed models The platform top base measures 33cm in height and shallow depth base measures 23cm in height, both come standard with chrome glides, also available at no extra costs are  Single or twin Castors.

Premium Base is also available in 2 depths, our platform top base measures 33cm in height and shallow depth base measures 23cm in height. These premium high quality bases feature extra reinforced timber and double carding on the top with soft padded fillings, the drawers are also in line with premium standards with ‘soft closing’ mechanism & available with a choice of wooden feet or chrome Sheppard’s castors & chrome corner plates to further enhance that premium look, these bases also feature linking bars

Ottoman Base – We offer 3 types of  Ottoman bases – Half End Lift , Full Side lift and Full End lift, all are gas lift operated with a solid top base and have one of the largest amount of storage in the industry, 0.72 cubic meters in a *King size

Maxi Base – This new innovative base offers the ultimate storage and utilises full storage in a base. The aperture is 28cm so most suitcases can fit and slide inside. Storage capacity is 0.65 cubic meter in King size base. Available in most sizes and bases are split north to south. So if your tired lifting ottoman bases this is a storage base for you.


We offer 5 types of headboards – Classic, Chester, Premium, Regal & Heritage

Headboards – We offer 5 styles of headboards which are Classic, NEW Chester, Premium (Dorchester, Banbury, Cambridge, Diamante and Westbury) and the Regal collection (Baron, Duke Marquis, Dame & NEW Duchess) and Heritage Full size headboards (Bosworth & Oakham)

Classic Headboards measures 60cm in height with a 3cm depth, offering a simple but effective design.

NEW Chester Headboard measures 60cm in height with a 5cm depth, the deep horizontal creates a simple elegant design.

Premium Headboards are in 5 designs, Dorchester, Banbury, Cambridge, Diamante and NEW Westbury measures 70cm in height and are 7cm deep, offering a premium quality look and feel. Also available as floor standing options.

Regal Headboards are in 5 designs, Baron, Duke, Marquis, Dame and NEW Duchess, all measures 70cm in height and are 7cm deep. Fine, Luxurious styled headboards with a tapered surround that adds that extra quality. Also available as floor standing options.

Heritage Headboards are in 2 designs, Bosworth & Oakham, all are full size floor standing headboards and feature the finest high quality workmanship, and they measure 150cm in height and are 10cm deep

Our headboards are never ‘off the shelf’. Instead, each product in this range is carefully made to order from British materials and components by the expert team in our Leicestershire factory. So for a high quality headboard at a great price, look no further.